My name is Antoine Scotto  and I am seeking a position in a company to further my career as a graphic designer where I can maximize my 15+ years of experience. I am also an artist and photographer. On my website you will find brands that I have developed over the years for various companies, print work and tradeshows I have created for world wide audiences , as well as art and photography to show you my artistic talent. Here is a little about me:

The Designer

Graphic design is my career and my passion for over 20 years having worked in many fields from the music industry, filming industry to tourism and technology. I have worked on countless of successful challenges and always crave for more. I love to start from sketches before jumping on a computer. From minimalist to complex, my style is versatile, keeping the process clean, purpose clear, and the essence intact.

The Artist

As a little boy, I would spend hours drawing, illustrating and creating stories, letting my imagination speak on paper. I still do this today. I am a mixed-media artist with a modern twist. My works are multi-layered on clear acrylic sheets, wood, and L.E.D backlit. From portraits to landscapes or from fanart to abstract, I always enjoy creating.

The Photographer

Whether it is on a trip, or on my way to the grocery store, I take pictures. I love catching moments, feelings or moods in a photo. Whether using a camera or a phone, I believe the key to a great photo is composition. Sometimes photo speaks for itself, and sometimes I love combining my design techniques and artistic flair to create montages to tell a story.

Where can you find me

For the latest progress of my work please follow me on instagram at antoinescotto

I am also bilingual French and English and provide my services in both official Canadian languages.

You can contact me at info@antoinescotto.com .

Thank you!
Antoine Scotto