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I am currently uploading more of my best photos but for now, please enjoy my Digital Art masterpieces!

Rock the Boat 2014-01-20T22:40:05+00:00
Ode to Women 2014-01-20T22:39:21+00:00
Vanishing Reflections 2014-01-20T22:38:29+00:00
Camera Shy 2014-01-20T22:36:55+00:00
Marionette 2014-01-20T22:35:53+00:00
Secret Garden 2014-01-20T22:34:57+00:00
Stairway to Heaven 2014-01-20T22:34:14+00:00
Waiting 2014-01-20T22:33:12+00:00
We Are Only Human 2014-01-20T22:32:21+00:00
Mother Nature 2014-01-20T22:30:54+00:00